Nearly 23 years have passed, since Eternal President Kim Il Sung, the father of the Korean nation and the founder of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, passed away. Despite such a long time, the yearning for him is still palpable among the Korean people and world’s progressives, as he devoted all his life to the country’s prosperity, people’s well-being and the cause of global independence and socialism.

PEOPLE ARE MY GOD President Kim Il Sung‘s life was the life among the people and for the people. „The people are my God” – he used to say, and he applied this slogan to his policies and activities. That is why he began his revolutionary career by going among the people, organizing them and mobilizing them to action.

By organizing people’s guerrilla against japanese occupant, he liberated the Korean Peninsula from Japanese imperialists and founded the free and independent Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the state of the people and for the people.

After Korea’s liberation, as the Prime Minister and and then as the President, he energetically worked for implementing the cause of socialism, democracy and independence, as well as for defending sovereignty of the Korean nation. He continued his inspection tours to see people from just after the liberation to the last period of his life. People’s demands and interests were the standard of all his actions.

His Juche Idea says that man is the master of everything and decides everything. The Juche Idea describes man as the one having independence, creativity and conscience.

When American imperialists attacked the young Republic, President Kim Il Sung led the struggle to defend it. Thanks to his brilliant tactics and strategies, the army and the people of the DPRK pushed back the aggressor and won the victory over „undefeated” american hegemon.

After his demise, Korean people hold him in high esteem as the Eternal President of the DPRK, what reflects their great gratitude and love for him.

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