Not so long ago, voices demanding establishment of a new international war criminal court were ringing out from the political circles of the US. A relevant resolution was passed even in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives. What a farce it is!

Theatre of Crime with Small Arms

As for the abnormal mental conditions and porous laws on rifles, London Times wrote: We want to ask Americans why they maintain their laws on rifles and rifle culture which drive many innocent people to death every year and when the death toll would be reduced.

Actually, according to Amendment II of the Constitution that “right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” individuals are legally allowed to bear small arms. At present, about 270 000 000 rifles and pistols of various types are possessed by civilians among its population of 300 000 000. It means that nine out of ten possess small arms and they can use them as they would do with toys even during a trifle quarrel.

In 2010 alone, crimes committed with small arms claimed 31 224 lives; among them 3 067 were teenagers. The large number of small arms possessed by individuals under the protection of the law are used for killing others under the pretext of “self-defence.”

What is more serious is the murder of black people. Many black people are killed by white men. Even the white policemen in charge of public security are recklessly killing them.

Though President Obama, himself a black, promised to build a crime-free society, a society with no small-arms crime, Americans are crying, saying that they cannot feel at ease because of the mental pressure by crimes committed with small arms.


A Turkish newspaper wrote the US killed over 10 000 civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and many other Islamic countries through drone attacks.

According to the human rights activists in Pakistan, the US drones raided Pakistan over 300 times, killing over 3 000 people. Among them 20% were women and children.

Under the cloak of “war on terror,” the US forces massacred defenceless civilians in many countries who are not related to their military operations. In Konar Province, Afghanistan, nine boys under twelve were shot to death by the US soldiers. And a photograph of a US soldier 2 grasping a dead civilian by the hair and laughing was made public. In 2009, the soldiers of a brigade that moved from the US proper to Kandahar Province in Afghanistan massacred innocent people barbarously and had the bones of fingers and feet, skulls and teeth of the corpses as trophies.

Over 1 205 000 civilians were killed and 1 000 000 went missing during the five years since March 2003, when the US invaded Iraq. Half of the missing were children.

An Egyptian university professor said:

Shame on you, America. How dare you claim to be a fortress of democracy, freedom and human rights?

Murderers Surpassing Hitler

The barbarity of the US soldiers is not a recent product. The world should be fully aware of the barbarous acts they had committed during the Korean war (1950-1953).

Walker, commander of the 8th Army during the war, said:

“The soldiers of the UN Forces! … Don’t let your hands tremble even when those who appear before you are children or old people. Kill them! In doing so you will be saving yourselves from catastrophe and fulfilling your duty as the soldiers of the UN Forces.”

The US soldiers occupied Sinchon County, South Hwanghae Province, in October 1950. The number of civilians killed during the 50-odd days’ occupation of the county reached over 35 000, or a quarter of its total population. They locked up over 900 people including children, women and the elderly in an air-raid shelter and set fire to it after pouring gasoline on the people; when some of them tried to come out from the shelter, the US soldiers shot them to death. They killed a peasant after dragging him around with his nose and ears run through with iron wire. They killed innocent people by shooting, hanging, beating, and burying them alive. This was not all. They resorted to the most horrible, brutal methods: they killed people after scooping out their eyeballs, scraping off breasts and cutting off their limbs.

The report prepared by the Investigation Commission of the International Democratic Women’s Federation reads in part: “These mass tortures and mass murders…surpass the crimes committed by Hitlerite Nazis in the temporarily occupied Europe.”

Who should establish an international war criminal court and who should be the accused?