63 years ago, on 27 July 1953, Great Fatherland Liberation War, known as well as the Korean War ended.

Here you can find live updates from the celebrations of the 63th Anniversary of the Victory in the Korean War.


Korean Central Television is about to close its daily broadcast.



Wreathes laid before cemeteries across the whole country.

In the name of Kim Jong Un were laid wreathes on various cemeteries.



Floral tribute paid to statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il by service persons, people from all walks of life, school children and youth. Floral basket sent by Kim Jong Un is standing before the statues.

Floral baskets were also laid before the statues and portraits of the smiling leaders at Kim Il Sung University, Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces, Ministry of People’s Security, Mansudae Art Studio and other places.

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