A workshop took place at the Grand People’s Study House here on Wednesday to observe World Water Day 2019.

Present there were officials of relevant units including the State Commission of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Urban Management and the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection and members of missions of international bodies here including UNICEF.

Speeches were made there.

Speakers referred to the fact that many people in the world are suffering from big damage inflicted by polluted water and impure hygienic conditions.

Saying that it is one of the important works for ensuring the existence of mankind and the socio-economic development to solve the serious water problem, they stressed the need to take positive measures for securing and making an effective use of water source and protecting the natural ecological environment.

Speeches were made under the titles “World Water Crisis and Its Solutions”, “Some Measures for the Supply of Clean Drinking Water” and “Introduction to the WASH Activities of UNICEF in DPRK”.