A long spell of drought has lingered on in the southwestern coastal areas of the DPRK from April.

According to data available at an organ concerned, drought withers crops in myriads hectares across the country.

Granaries in North and South Hwanghae provinces, in particular, have been heavily suffered from drought.

The western coastal areas had sporadic rains from June 24 to 27 with 2mm in Nampho City, 5mm in South Hwanghae Province, 6mm in North Phyongan Province, 7mm in South Phyongan Province, 11mm in Pyongyang City and 17 mm in North Hwanghae Province.

Drought dried up 30 percent of reservoirs in the country, causing serious lack of water resources.

Under such circumstances, a great number of servicepersons, workers, officials and housewives in North and South Hwanghae provinces, Nampho City and other parts of the country have turned out in the struggle to overcome drought.

And due measures have been taken to water croplands by mobilizing all necessary means like tractors, water carriers, motors, sprinklers and mobile water pumps.

Meanwhile, big efforts have been paid to finding out more water resources and managing waterways in a creditable way.

More than 25 000 wells, 5 600 water holes, thousands of tube-wells, 100-odd underground reservoirs and 6 000 dammed pools were restored in keeping with drawing water into croplands and spraying foliar nutrients.

Officials of ministries and national institutions are also taking part in the campaign to heal the damage from drought.