Third-day performances of the Fifth April Spring People’s Art Festival were given before full houses here on Thursday.

Pyongyangites and youths and students enjoyed the performances.

Provincial art troupes gave performances at the Pyongyang Grand Theatre and the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre.

The performers sang highly of the revolutionary career and feats of President Kim Il Sung who devoted all his efforts to the prosperity of the country and its people’s happiness, regarding it as his lifelong motto to believe in the people as in Heaven.

They also impressively represented the Korean people’s boundless reverence for leader Kim Jong Il who had led the socialist cause of Juche to ever-victory, holding aloft the banner of Songun all his life

They showed the steadfast will of all the army and people of the DPRK to vigorously advance along the road of independence, Songun and socialism.

Multifarious magic pieces including illusionary jugglery, functional jugglery and interactive jugglery were given at the Magic Theatre of the National Acrobatic Troupe.

A performance of art squads was given at the Ponghwa Art Theatre, performance of itinerant art squads at the Cultural Hall of the Ministry of Railways and performances of art circle members at the People’s Palace of Culture and the Central Youth Hall.