Terrapin dish is regarded as a tonics in the DPRK.

It was registered as a national intangible heritage some time ago. From olden times, the terrapin has been used in making haute cuisine for its good taste and abundant nutrient component.

The terrapin has various essential nutrient components including protein, essential amino acid and vitamin efficacious for curing hepatitis, hypertension and other diseases. Terrapin’s blood, carapace and bone are widely used as materials of Koryo medicines. In particular, terrapin’s blood is efficacious for diabetes and weak children.

Now the Delicacy House under Okryu Restaurant serves slices of raw terrapin, terrapin broth, terrapin stew and terrapin porridge to visitors. According to Kim Chun Yong, manager of the house, leader Kim Jong Il instructed in January 2010 that the terrapin dish is a delicious one good for health. The terrapin, which had been called a tonic and rare dish, is served for the people under the care of the Workers’ Party of Korea, she said.