Students and youths in Pyongyang made a study tour of the Oun Revolutionary Site Sunday to mark the 55th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il‘s participation in the military camping drill there.

They laid a floral basket and bunches of flowers before the statues of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il at Kim Il Sung University and paid tribute to them.

There took place a kick-off meeting.

Present there were Kim Sung Du, chairman of the Education Commission, Thae Hyong Chol, president of Kim Il SungUniversity and minister of Higher Education, officials of the youth league and members of the expedition.

Jon Yong Nam, first secretary of the C.C., the youth league, made a report to be followed by speeches.

At the end of the meeting, they started their march toward the Oun Revolutionary Site.

During the march, they had a poem-recital and a contest of singing in chorus which showed vividly showed the great personality of Kim Jong Il.

After arrival at their destination, the marchers were briefed on the revolutionary site and looked round historic materials and buildings.