On February 23, the Korean People’s Army conducted a strategic cruise missile launching drill, showcasing their military prowess to the world. The drill involved a relevant sub-unit of a strategic cruise missile unit in the eastern region, while other sub-units conducted firepower training at hardened sites without live firing.

The sub-unit involved in the launching drill fired four “Hwasal-2” strategic cruise missiles towards the East Sea of Korea from the area of Kim Chaek City in North Hamgyong Province. The drill was a success, reconfirming the reliability of the weapon system and examining the rapid response posture of strategic cruise missile units that constitute one of the major forces of the DPRK nuclear deterrent.

After traveling along elliptical and eight-shaped flight orbits for 10,208s to 10,224s, the four strategic cruise missiles precisely hit the preset target on the East Sea of Korea, achieving their objective with great success. The Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea expressed its great satisfaction over the results of the launching drill.

The demonstration of the war posture of the DPRK nuclear combat force serves to bolster their deadly nuclear counterattack capability against hostile forces. This latest show of military might clearly demonstrates the unwavering resolve and readiness of the Korean People’s Army to defend the nation against any and all threats.