The 2019 Spring National Footwear Exhibition closed with due ceremony at the Pyongyang Yokjon Department Store on Tuesday.

On display at the exhibition were footwear produced by over 60 units across the country, drawing tens of thousands of visitors every day.

Visitors were very satisfied to see home-made footwear with the trademarks of “Maebongsan”, “Samcholli”, “Nalgae” and “Cholli” which are diverse, various, varicolored and light.

Footwear made by the Ryuwon Footwear Factory, Pyongyang Leather Shoes Factory, Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory, Sinuiju Footwear Factory, Anju Footwear Factory, Sochon Haedong Factory, Rason Samryong Footwear Factory, etc. were well received.

At the presentation of sci-tech successes, the establishment of the power production system based on anthracite gasification was highly appreciated for making it possible to put the footwear production on a normal basis while making much profit.