The Headquarters of the Actions for Peace Treaty and the People’s Democratic Party of south Korea reportedly held an emergency press conference in Seoul on September 26, where they urged the U.S. and the regime to stop facilitating a war and make peace.

Speakers at the conference sniped at U.S. President Trump’s reckless calling for “total destruction” of the north at the UN arena.

Blaming the U.S. for escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula, they demanded it stop provocative remarks and immediately withdraw its troops and THAAD from south Korea.

They criticized the chief executive of south Korea for antagonizing the north and joining the U.S. in its sanctions and war racket against it.

A statement was read out at the conference.

The statement stressed that the U.S. forces should be pulled out of south Korea and Trump should zip his lip in order to avert a war and bring peace and reunification.

At the end of the conference the participants handed their written protest to the U.S. embassy.