The DPRK’s Workers’ Party of Korea’s rural revolution programme has proved its vitality and effectiveness as new dwelling houses are continuously being built in the countryside. Recently, new houses have been constructed in Nidap-ri of Unsan County, Chojang-ri of Kwaksan County, Tongsin-ri of Ryongchon County, and many other locations.

These modern rural houses are built under the guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, and officials from relevant provinces, cities, and counties, as well as builders, units that contributed to the construction, and agricultural workers attended the moving-in ceremonies.

During the ceremonies, congratulatory speeches were made, and the licenses for the use of the houses were handed over while oath-taking speeches were also given. The agricultural workers were overjoyed and showed their happiness with cheerful dances.

The successful implementation of the housing construction policy task has been attributed to the tireless patriotic devotion of Kim Jong Un, who prioritized it as a major policy task. The officials visited the new houses to congratulate their owners and share the joy with them.