Rice-transplanting has started in the rural areas of the DPRK.

The officials and agricultural workers in South Hwanghae Province are in high spirits from the start of the rice-transplanting.

The cooperative farms in Anak, Jaeryong, Yonan, Sinchon and Chongdan counties are conducting the rice-transplantation in real earnest by increasing the operating rate of rice-transplanting machine and other farm machines.

In South Phyongan Province, all cities and counties got down to the rice transplantation all at once in the wake of demonstration in Yakjon Farm of Sukchon County to carry out scientific and technical rice-transplantation in the right season.

Farm villages in Phyongwon, Mundok, Jungsan and Taedong counties have honored their daily quotas by introducing scientific farming method and giving priority to tilling, irrigation and harrowing.

North Phyongan Province has transplanted rice seedlings in more than 2 000 hectares every day.

Farm villages in South and North Hamgyong Provinces and other eastern coastal areas are ensuring the speed and quality of rice transplantation.