All the people of in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have turned out in a campaign to assist the inhabitants in the flood-hit areas of North Hamgyong Province.

Light industrial establishments in the capital city of Pyongyang and Sinuiju City of North Phyongan Province strive to boost the production of daily necessities to be supplied to the flood victims.

South Hamgyong Province had already supplied more than 40 000 items of daily necessities in 32 kinds. And building materials for rehabilitation produced by industrial establishments of the province, including Puraesan Cement Factory and February 8 Vinalon Complex, are sent in succession to the flood-hit areas.

South Phyongan Province, in particular, offered several hundred tons of cement and a great deal of relief goods, including food, clothes, shoes, utensils, blankets, quilts and medicines one day after the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea made an appeal calling for all-out recovery efforts.

Meanwhile, an art agitation squad consisting of those from Phibada Opera Troupe, National Circus, National Theatrical Troupe and other art troupes, left Pyongyang for North Hamgyong Province to encourage the flood victims and the relief workers, implanting in their mind the intention of the WPK which decided to direct the main thrust of the 200-day campaign to the flood damage rehabilitation drive.


Provided by: KCNA