The campaign for recovery from damage is being dynamically pushed ahead with in North Hamgyong Province.

Officials of the Party and power organs in the province and relevant areas carried out operations and gave directions for immediately restoring roads, railways, bridges and communication, after learning in detail about the situation of the areas hit by heavy rain and tidal flood.

Manpower, vehicles and heavy machines have been channeled into restoring dozens of cuts on roads in Kilju, Orang and other counties.

The workers of the Chongjin Railway Bureau are launching a campaign for recovering railways and bridges to ensure urgent transport, and forestry and mine timber production stations under the North Hamgyong Provincial Forestry Management Bureau have produced a lot of timbers for reconstruction.

Officials and skilled workers for communication service in Kim Chaek City, Myongchon County, etc. recovered the communications between the province, city and counties in a short span of time.

Agricultural workers in Hoeryong City and Onsong and Hwadae counties are clearing out ditches and spraying nutrition for increased viability of rice and corn in order to minimize the damage to crops.