• Large protests are taking place in south Korea in connection with the recent scandal of Park Geun Hye, ruler of the country.
  • People are demanding Park’s resignation and further explaination.
  • According to the data and leaks, the head of south Korean state was guided and manipulated by so-called “Shaman women”, the daughter of the “Eternal Life Church” sect founder
  • The women was getting money for her foundation by manipulating Park Geun Hye
Protesters in Seoul wearing masks of south Korean ruler Park Geun Hye and her

Protesters in Seoul wearing masks of south Korean ruler Park Geun Hye and her “friend” Choi Soon Sil / Photo: AFP

South Korean people are protesting against unclear linkages of the Park Geun Hye and Choi Soon Sil, her close “friend” who is called by south Korean media and people the real president rulling in the shadows.

According to the recent leaks and informations available, Choi Soon Sil, friend of Park for several decades had unlawful access to the secret government documents and used her “friendship” with south Korean ruler to influence Park’s decisions for her personal benefits. On saturday, thousands of protesters held a rally in Seoul, capital of south Korea, demanding explanations and resignation.

Who is Choi Soon Sil?

Choi Soon Sil is a long-standing friend of south Korean puppet ruler. She is the daughter of Choi Tae Min, deceased in 1994 founder of the sect called “Eternal Life Church” who was Park’s mentor until his death. According to the data available, Choi Soon Sil had giant influlence on Park’s decisions. Against the law, being in possession of secret state documents she advised Park’s on matters related to the diplomacy and taxes. It is also said that she was medding in policy-making and exploiting her connections with Park for her own financial gain.

South Korean Prosecutor’s Office in Seoul announced on Thursday the appointment of a special investigative group. There took place a revision on Saturday at the offices of the Park’s associates in the Blue House. On Wednesday, there was a search of the property belonging to Choi Soon Sil. Investigators suspect that her connection with the “president” helped her gaining approx. 69 million dollars for the foundation run by herself.

Now, south Korean people are demanding Park’s abdication. Corrupt and discredited “President” can not rule the country. Even her imperialist masters from the United States incredulously with mocking laughter are looking at the south Korean “president” scandal.