Three pairs of mandarin ducks recently appeared on the Pothong River in Pyongyang.

According to researchers of the Biodiversity Institute under the State Academy of Sciences, mandarin duck is usually rated one of birds living on wooded riverside or lakeside and it would have been possible to see mandarin ducks only in the northern mountainous areas of the country in this season, their breeding season.

In the course of surveying rivers and wetlands in Pyongyang, mandarin ducks were observed on the Pothong River curving round the Ansan area in mid-April and they are still living there, researchers said.

Mandarin duck is an endemic species of East Asia which lives in Korea, China, East Siberia, Japan, etc.

Mandarin ducks feed on plankton, grass root, grass seed and others, always living in pairs.

The researchers also found several species of water-birds like spot-billed duck, white egret, black-headed gull, water ouzel and kingfisher on the Taedong, Pothong and other rivers in Pyongyang.

In recent years, the DPRK has made contributions to protecting the global biodiversity through the mass movements to preserve ecological environment and increase fauna and flora resources in the country.