Greeting the Lunar New Year’s Day, Juche 108 (2019), public catering establishments in Pyongyang are crowded with people.

In this regard, Kim Kum Ok, a staff of the Changgwang Public Service Management Bureau, told KCNA:

Twenty-odd restaurants in Changgwang Street serve hundreds of kinds of national foods.

Sagyejol Restaurant, Changgwangsan Noodle House, Roast Chicken Restaurant, Rice-cake Soup Restaurant and other restaurants serve various national foods like Pyongyang cold noodle, mung-bean pancake, Pyongyang Onban (cooked rice served in chicken soup), rice-cake soup and meat with cooked vegetables, famous in Pyongyang.

Unjong Teahouse serving Kangryong green tea and black tea and fruit punch is also crowded with people.

Fruit punch is a traditional drink of the Korean nation. Restaurants in Changgwang Street were built in August Juche 74 (1985) under the warm affection of Chairman Kim Jong Il.