Tens of thousands people in south Korea were marching during a rally calling on discredited “President” Park Geun Hye to resign due to the latest scandal.


Tens of Thousands of south Korean people protesting on the streets of Seoul on November 5, 2016. © Kim Hong-Ji / Reuters

According to the RT, over 40 000 people were on the streets of Seoul on Saturday on rally, strongly demanding abdication of Park Geun Hye. The protest came after the next apologize of corrupt and discredited dictator’s daughter.

South Koreans on the streets of Seoul shouted “Arrest Park Geun Hye!”, “Step down, criminal!” and “We can’t take this any longer!”

Along with the shouts, people were holding the banners with slogans such as “Out Park Geun Hye!” and “Treason by a secret government.”

Byun Woo Hyuk, high school student told Reuters:

“Even though we’re just students, we feel like we can’t put up with this unreasonable society anymore so we’re participating in this protest”