The Central Committee of the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled has made achievements in rehabilitating the disabled and providing them with stable living conditions and environments this year.

The federation organized a training course and symposium for members of the non-permanent state committee for the protection of the disabled to develop their sense of responsibility and role and share achievements and experience.

The non-permanent committee for the consultation of Korean sign language examined and reviewed 3 600 historical terms, sign words and descriptive vocabularies and completed the sign language program and sign language DVD presentation for the education of the deaf and dumb.

The federation offered necessary facilities to work-teams of the disabled in Sinuiju, Hamhung and Wonsan areas.

It has undertaken such mobile services as repairing prosthetic apparatuses and supplied wheelchairs, walking sticks, glasses and others to more than 1 600 persons with disabilities. And it sent ophthalmologic instruments and medical supplies to provincial people’s hospitals.

It equipped the Korean Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disability and the centre for early education in sign language with hearing-test rooms for infants, apparatuses for the recovery of cerebral palsy and equipment for the education of sign language, and sent hearing aids to people with hypacusia.

It has also published textbooks for the blind, operated a library for the disabled at the Sci-Tech Complex on a normal basis and entered people with disabilities in tele-education colleges.

The federation has encouraged a number of disabled persons to take active part in art and sports activities.

The Korean Art Association of the Disabled created 20-odd musical pieces and presented 6 musical instruments and craftworks to the 9th Pyongyang Musical Instruments Exhibition to be highly appraised.

The performance of a Pyongyang exchange group of disabled persons in a foreign country and art performance given on the occasion of the day of persons with disabilities aroused great sensation.

The Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled has paid deep attention to increasing the number of sports events for the disabled and training promising sportspersons with disabilities.

t has compiled and brought out over 5 000 publications like 2017 annual report and properly run internet homepage “Huimang (Hope)” to raise the public interest in protecting the disabled.

Amid the active exchange and cooperation between international bodies, national associations and overseas Koreans’ organizations related with the protection of the disabled, more than 30 delegations visited the facilities for the protection of the disabled.

In particular, a close cooperation between the federation and the European Union Programme Support to the DPRK has been made in different fields like special education and disaster prevention and the UN special rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and her party showed a disposition to render technological cooperation in executing the accord on the rights of the disabled.