The Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory in the DPRK has increased its production capacity by attaching importance to the sci-tech development.

What draws peculiar attention is, needless to say about its computer integrated manufacturing (CIM), the systems of resources and talent management which have no rivals at other factories.

The system of resources management stores all necessary information on designs and technical processes in its database and sends it to production sites to be helpful to remarkably raising the labor productivity.

The system of talent management storing information on its talents proves very effective in accepting and making good use of talents and encouraging the hot sci-tech emulation among them.

The application of remote-control technology to assembling trolley bus is also one of its noteworthy technical achievements.

The assembly of trolley bus was streamlined in good combination with remote-controlled carriages and different cranes to save manpower 40 percent and raise the productivity by 3-3.5 times.

The factory developed an energy-saving far infrared heating apparatus for painting trolley bus, thus ensuring high painting quality and slicing one-tenth off the time of drying than before.

When visiting the factory in January, respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un expressed satisfaction over the achievements made by the factory.