The participants in the First Conference of Chairpersons of the Primary Committees of the Workers’ Party of Korea visited Mangyongdae, the birthplace of President Kim Il Sung.

They placed wreaths and bunches of flowers before the graves of Kim Po Hyon and Ri Po Ik, and the graves of Kim Hyong Jik and Kang Pan Sok and paid silent tribute to them. After visiting the Mangyongdae Revolutionary Museum, they looked round the historical mementoes displayed at the old home, looking back upon the revolutionary career of the President.

They also visited the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery on Mt. Taesong. They placed bunches of flowers before the bust of anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk and paid tribute to her. Visiting the Youth Movement Museum, they looked back upon the feats performed by the peerlessly great men who hewed the Korean youth movement and opened the history of the building of youth power.

They went round the National Gifts Exhibition House associated with the sincerity of all fellow countrymen holding President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il in high esteem as the eternal sun of the nation for all ages. At the Phyongchon Revolutionary Site and the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, they grasped the greatness of the brilliant commanders of Mt. Paektu who established ever-victorious traditions in the showdown with the U.S. lasting century after century. They also looked round the National House of Class Education.

Provided by: KCNA