Pang Un Sim, a twenty year-old student at Kim Hyong Jik University of Education in the DPRK, set new world records in three memory events of the quick reading (brain power) contest of students in the field of teacher training recently took place in the DPRK.

When interviewed by KCNA, Cha Yong Ho, section chief of the university, said:

Pang memorized 20 more words than the existing world record in the event of 15-minute casual words memory, 320 words in total, according to a judgment based on the IMS amended by the WMSC in February 2016.

She also set new world records by memorizing 4 840 binary numbers for 30 minutes and 33 packs of cards for 60 minutes to break the previous world records of 4 673 numbers and 31 packs.

She got 7 575 points in total at ten memory events, surpassing the Millennium Standards (6 000 points) of the IGM (International Grand Master).

Kim Ran Yong, an official concerned of a host organization, said that Pang is the first student who renewed the world records in three memory events alone.

Pang also won special prizes in reading and mental arithmetic events.

Pang said that it is her goal to set more new world records.

Provided by: KCNA