The agricultural research institutions in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are intensifying the research into crops of new varieties. The Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute is making researches for producing a larger amount of tasty and highly nutritive vegetables of new species.

The institute has already bred high-yield and choice varieties of greenhouse vegetable seeds with good taste and high nutritive value in a bionic way. The researchers of the institute are now pooling their creative wisdom to hit the goal of producing different kinds of functional vegetables with high edible and medical value. These days, they are deepening the research into a new variety of hot pepper which has strong resistance to disease and can bring forth safe yield as compared with the common varieties of hot pepper.

“Among the red pepper species bred in the past are those which have an appropriate degree of hot taste and can produce high yield even under the unfavourable weather conditions, that is, low temperature and feeble light intensity. For the present, we are concentrating efforts on the researches into seed-gathering and pure breed to improve the quality of those species while trying to keep their characteristics as they are as in the past.

It is expected that the varieties which can bring forth safe yield more than 1.3 to 1.5 times as against the ones broadly planted in vegetable greenhouses will be introduced into production.”  – Sin Kwang Hyok, researcher said.

The researchers say with pride that the new variety of hot pepper not only guarantees high productivity in relatively small cultivating area but also has a great value of use as spice and a raw material for medicines.

The researchers of the Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute are now making efforts to attain their higher goals for improving the diet of the people.