A new school year for Juche 107(2018) began with due ceremonies in the DPRK.

Laughter of the newcomers were heard from the venues of new school year ceremonies across the country including Kim Il Sung University, Medical College of Pyongbuk University, Pyongyang Secondary School No. 1, Sungri Senior Middle School in Rakrang District, Puyong Junior Middle School in Haeju City, Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans and Sindo Branch School of Namhae Senior Middle School in Ongjin County.

Officials of the party and power organs, teachers, students and their parents congratulated the freshmen.

Reports were made there to be followed by speeches.

The reporters and speakers expressed their will to take the lead in the work for successfully carrying out the intention of the Party to bring about a radical improvement in education in the new century and thus fully display the advantages of the socialist education system.

After the ceremonies there were first lessons of the new school year at universities, schools and branch schools.