The national traditional dish show ran on August 2-3 at the cooking festival hall on Ryomyong Street. On display were over 700 items of designated and invented dishes presented by more than 70 units in the sectors of the General Bureau of Public Catering Service and external service, ministries, national agencies and Pyongyang and provincial public catering service sectors.

Such units as Okryu and Chongnyu restaurants and Pyongyang Koryo Hotel exhibited traditional, popular and seasonal dishes including Pyongyang cold noodles, kimchi made with less peppered seasonings, sinsollo, a traditional dish in cooking brazier, samgyethang, a chicken boiled with insam, white steamed rice cake in layers and tangogi soup, which preserved national flavour well.

What drew special attention of housewives were dishes made with loach, tanbaekcho, a protein-rich vegetable, and chives, which are highly nutritious and greatly contribute to improved diet.

Local specialities like the chicken entrails soup and boiled rice of the Kanggye Chicken Entrails Soup House and the noodles garnished with raw sliced walleye pollack were also highly appreciated for unique tastes, colours and fragrance.

During the show, participants shared their achievements and experience with each other and discussed the ways to keep alive national tradition in food culture and enrich the people’s dietary life.

Certificates were awarded to excellent units.