The State Nanotechnology Bureau of the DPRK has recently developed a number of nano-products.

Among them are microelement nano-fertilizer, nano-correction water and water disinfector.

The microelement nano-fertilizer and nano-correction water were introduced into over 300 units of agricultural sector to be conducive to increasing grain output.

The nano-fertilizer helps raise the grain output in rice paddies and dry fields fertilized with manures.

The nano-correction water has an effect of altering ordinary water into the one with low association degree, thus raising crops’ resistance to drought and preventing them from damage by salt. And in case of stockbreeding and fish farming, it prevents diseases and raises weight increment.

It was also proved very effective in cultivating fruit trees, flowers and mushroom.

The water disinfector loaded with nano-titanium electrode is of great use in supplying clean water to people at different units like the Munsu Water Park, Ryugyong Health Complex, Changgwang Health Complex, orphanages and homes for the aged.