Another mural tomb dating back to Koguryo Kingdom (B.C. 277-A.D. 668) was recently unearthed in Posong-ri, Raknang District of Pyongyang.

It is an earthen tomb, which has a stone chamber under the ground. The tomb chamber is 300 cm long, 268 cm wide and 184 cm high.

Its floor was plastered with lime and paved with bricks and then plastered with lime again. And the walls were built by stones, which were plastered by lime. There are mural paintings drawn with black paint on the three walls of the north, east and west.

In the north walls there is a painting showing a wagon seemed to be one of the hero of the tomb and his wife and soldiers holding spears lined up and down.

Three-column ranks of cavaliers are represented on the eastern walls and a horse galloping toward the north and building on the western wall.

Discovered in the tomb were golden things and bells, silver nail and other gold-silver ornaments, bowls, pots and other earthenware and bone-made ornaments and other relics.

The tomb is believed to have been built in the first half of the third century in view of the structural formation and contents of the mural paintings and relics.

Through the mural paintings it was verified that the mural paintings of Koguryo Kingdom had been developed to colored ones from the process of single-black color ones.