The Munsu Rehabilitation Clinic is in Munsu area of Pyongyang, the capital city of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The clinic, built under the popular health policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the State, has 40-odd functional recovery rooms equipped with more than 150 modern treatment appliances and 10-odd sick-rooms.

It specializes in exercise cure, speech therapy, physical treatment, aqua therapy and the treatment of congenital, senile and traumatic functional disorders.

A large number of patients and handicapped persons have received treatment at the clinic since its opening in December Juche 102 (2013).

The clinic is making successes in the treatment of patients and handicapped persons by newly developing tens of kinds of efficacious orthopedic appliances.

Kim Hyon Ju, vice-director of the clinic, told KCNA:

The Munsu Rehabilitation Clinic is associated with the immortal guidance feats of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un .

He initiated the construction of the professional and modern rehabilitation clinic and guided in detail the whole course of its construction. He personally selected a site for its construction and gave important instructions on dozens of occasions and took a step for the supply of building materials.

He provided a complete set of treatment equipment and apparatuses for the clinic and settled all the problems arising in its operation.

Thanks to his meticulous guidance, the Munsu Rehabilitation Clinic could be turned into a central base in the development of the country’s functional recovery medicine.