The Kwangryangman Sulphur Mud Processing Factory has recently developed over 10 kinds of functional mud products to be conducive to the improvement of people’s health.

Those products are made of effectual materials of nutritive and pharmacological value extracted from sulfur mud at high rate by means of latest engineering method.

Typical of them is sauna gel, a mixture of extracts from sulfur mud and Koryo medicines, which has been highly appreciated by users for having clear effects of eliminating waste matters from human body, sweating easily and promoting blood circulation.

It is said that all the products have been proved effective by different medical institutions.

Ri Man Gon, manager of the factory, said that sulfur mud abundant in the west coastal Kwangryang Bay is estimated to be superior among different kinds of curative mud in the world, adding that the new mud products have won high appraisal at home and abroad.