More remains of martyrs were buried in the Fatherland Liberation War Martyrs Cemetery with due ceremony on Wednesday, ahead of the war victory day.

Those martyrs glorified their lives on the road for freedom and independence of the country and implementation of the cause of Songun revolution.

They include DPRK Heroes Yun Hi Chon and Ri Hung Gyu who took active part in the movement of aircraft-hunting teams to shoot down many enemy planes during the Fatherland Liberation War.

After the war they had reliably upheld the idea and guidance of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il with arms and fully discharged their mission and duty as revolutionary forerunners and educators to the last moments of their lives.

Among them is also Hero Jo Myong Su, who served in the public security organ in Ongjin County and made contributions to arresting at least 420 spies and hostile elements and capturing weapons and bullets during the war.

Wives of martyrs Yun Hi Chon, Ri Hung Gyu, Jo Myong Su, Choe Un Hong, Jon Ki Ryon, Jo Pyong Gi, Cha Yun Chan, Kim Yong Gu, Ryang In Gil, Hong Sung Chol, Hwang Pyong Song, Kim Won Jin and Ro Song Chil had honors to glorify their eternal lives together with their husbands. They had been faithful to the Party as being reliable companions of their husbands in the struggle to defend the country and socialism.