A meeting of women’s union officials and members took place at the Hall of Women on October 8 to celebrate the 76th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).

Present there were Ri Tu Song, department director of the Central Committee of the WPK, Hong Chol Jin, secretary of the Pyongyang City Party Committee, officials of the Central Committee of the women’s union and officials and members of the women’s union in Pyongyang City.

Kim Jong Sun, chairwoman of the C.C., the Socialist Women’s Union of Korea, made a report to be followed by speeches.

The reporter and speakers said that the WPK’s history spanning over seven decades is a proud one in which a brilliant example was set in the building of a revolutionary party of Juche type under the guidance of the great leaders.

Noting that President Kim Il Sung provided a historical origin of the WPK through the formation of the DIU (Down-with-Imperialism Union) in the early period of his revolutionary activities, they said that he achieved the historic cause of founding the Party after national liberation by firmly consolidating the organizational and ideological foundations for founding it.

They said that Chairman Kim Jong Il, with his original party-building ideology and theory and outstanding leadership, developed the Party into a revolutionary party in which the ideological and leadership system of the leader was firmly established, and into a mother party that formed a harmonious whole with the popular masses and an invincible party with steel-strong discipline and fighting capabilities.

They stressed that the Juche-oriented party-building ideology and cause of the President and the Chairman are now carried forward successfully by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, a peerlessly great man.

They called for fully displaying the revolutionary spirit of the Korean women in the historic advance for a fresh development of socialist construction under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.