It has been 25 years since leader Kim Jong Il made public his immortal work “Socialism Is the Lifeline of Our People”.

The work is run through with the strong will of the Workers’ Party of Korea to keep socialism as a firm faith and accomplish the socialist cause without fail.

After its publication, the DPRK people came to have cherished the Juche-oriented socialism more deeply in their minds as an unyielding faith.

Though the imperialist allied forces have remained evermore persistent in their moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK, the dignity of its people has been surely defended and state policies for the people have continued to be enforced thanks to the Korean-style socialism embodying the Juche-oriented outlook on the people and people-oriented philosophy.

Ordinary working people have been elected to the Supreme People’s Assembly and put forward as heroes of the era.

Children’s palaces and grand study houses and fantastic streets for people took their shapes one after another in excellent locations of the country, all of which can be seen only in the DPRK where any work for the people’s well-being is regarded as the supreme justice.

Therefore, stories about the loving care for the people can be heard from every part of the country where top priority is given to the interests and convenience of people and everything serves for their well-being.

It can be well evidenced by the fact that last year, the major thrust of the 200-day campaign was diverted into the restoration of the flood-hit northern part of North Hamgyong Province and thus the disaster area was turned into a fairyland for the people in a little more than two months.

Indeed, socialism is the lifeline and soul of the DPRK people.