Korean stamp exhibitions opened at the Korean Stamps Museum and the Korean Stamp Exhibition House on Thursday in celebration of the 20th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il‘s election as general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

On display at their venues are photos dealing with stamps that carry portraits of smiling President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il.

Stamps of hundreds of kinds and bills, displayed under the titles of “People Extend Glory” and “Invincible Workers’ Party of Korea” make people call back the course of the WPK which has displayed its dignity and might under the leadership of the peerlessly great men.

Some stamps represent the trust and loyalty of the Korean army and people to Kim Jong Il, while others reflect yearning for him.

“Marking the Fourth Conference of the WPK”, “The Seventh Congress of the WPK” and other stamps highly praise respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un for developing the WPK into the Party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Also displayed there are stamps depicting the reality of the DPRK and the struggle of its people.

The exhibitions will last till Oct. 13.