In an effort to support the all-people struggle to bring about a radical change in the country’s agricultural production, the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un has sent vehicles and lots of equipment to the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm in South Hamgyong Province. The farm, which is responsible for supplying vegetables to the inhabitants of Hamhung, an industry and science city, as well as the rest of the province, has received the gifts from the General Secretary in order to help put the greenhouse vegetable production on an intensive and industrial basis of a higher level.

A meeting was held on Friday to convey the gifts to the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm. Officials and working people from the province, as well as employees of the farm, were present. Ri Jong Nam, chief secretary of the South Hamgyong Provincial Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, made an address at the meeting, expressing gratitude to the General Secretary for sending the gifts of love that are urgently necessary for the operation of the farm.

In his address, Ri Jong Nam stressed that the officials and employees of the farm should devote themselves to their work with honor and pride, becoming a model for the whole country in greenhouse vegetable production and pioneers in the struggle for creating the Korean-style socialist rural culture.

The gifts sent by Kim Jong Un were met with loud applause, and several speakers followed to express their resolve to manage the farm in a responsible way with care and to produce even more vegetables to supply to the people in the province.

The Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm was built under the guidance of Kim Jong Un and is responsible for the supply of fresh vegetables to the inhabitants of Hamhung and the surrounding areas. With the latest gifts from the General Secretary, the farm is expected to further increase its production and efficiency, contributing to the development of the agriculture industry in the country.