The final stages of the Juche-oriented industry project at the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex have been successfully completed, thanks to the unwavering spirit and dedicated efforts of the working class at the complex, the Chongjin Metal Construction Complex, and the Equipment Assembly Complex.

The construction of energy-saving oxygen-blast furnaces and the installation of air separators are crucial tasks that are directly linked to the success or failure of implementing the five-year plan. These tasks require a significant amount of labor, but the workers involved in the project have displayed a fighting spirit akin to that of the heroic working class.

The Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex has established clear and measurable goals, urging every workshop and station to carry out their daily plans flawlessly. The Chongjin Metal Construction Complex has demonstrated their innovative and bold working methods, actively introducing advanced technologies and experiences while producing and securing the accessories and materials that were in short supply.

Scientists and technicians who were part of the project have made numerous scientific breakthroughs that have helped expedite the project’s progress. Furthermore, the Cabinet, many ministries, and national institutions have resolved some of the problems that arose during the project, while numerous units in North Hamgyong Province have provided on-site material and spiritual support to the builders.

Thanks to the burning revolutionary zeal and fighting spirit of the officials and workers from various units, another oxygen-blast furnace is going to be built splendidly at the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex. The innovative spirit of the complex is overflowing, and we can’t wait to see what they achieve next.