The Research Institute for Nutrition Care of Children under the Institute of Medical Science in the DPRK has recently developed various kinds of natural health foods good for the growth and for taking care of nutrition of children.

Instant kidney bean nutritive powder, a health food made with kidney bean, raises protein value of ordinary meal for children, thus preventing delay in growth for lack of protein.

Reuteri lactobacillus powder developed on the basis of deep research into constitution of children controls the action of pathogenic bacteria by propagating some kinds of useful bacteria like a lactobacillus living in the intestines, thus curing colitis and other diseases without use of antibiotic.

The institute also developed functional yogurt and vitamin D3 tablet good for the growth and prevention of rickets, lactobacillus nutritive pill and combined enzyme pill for the intestines and nutritive pill and nutritive thin gruel for improving nutritive conditions of body.