The Phyongsong City Commercial Agency in South Phyongan Province of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has built a stockbreeding centre with its own efforts and produces tens of tons of meat and tens of thousand eggs every year, contributing to the improvement of diet of the people.

The agency has a three-storey animal shed whose area is more than 1,000 square metres, where thousands of animals of different kinds are growing.

Commercial service activities are labour-consuming, but the officials and employees of the agency built the excellent animal shed with their own efforts.

In their efforts to implement the stockbreeding policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea they have solved the water problem and installed different kinds of equipment including crusher and thresher, laying a solid material foundation to energize stockbreeding.

In hearty response to the New Year Address of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un on effecting a turn in the improvement of the people’s living, they are working hard to increase the output of animal products from the beginning of the year.

The officials and employees of the commercial agency introduce good experiences of the advanced units according to their actual conditions. They solve the feed problem by using protein feed and greatly increase the fattening rate of the animals as against before.

Now the meat and eggs produced at the stockbreeding centre of the commercial agency greatly contribute to the improvement of the diet of the war veterans and honoured disabled soldiers and children of the orphanage and the baby home in the city.