Skyscrapers have taken their framed shapes one after another in Ryomyong Street under construction in Pyongyang. The framework for 50- and 55-storied apartment houses was successfully finished in a matter of 100 days with the introduction of rational building methods.

The essence of Ryomyong Street construction is to build apartment houses for scientists and researchers including educators of Kim Il Sung University. New street will have nursery, kindergarten, laundry, post office and other service amenities.

The construction of the street is not merely for formation of a street, but serves as a political occasion of clearly showing the spirit of the DPRK standing up and keeping up with the world, despite all sorts of sanctions and international pressure against Korea.

Construction of the Ryomyong Street was announced by Kim Jong Un on March, 2016.

Photos: Construction Site of the Ryomyong Street

Based on: KCNA