The floating restaurant Taedonggang in Pyongyang is crowded with citizens and foreigners for serving special dishes like Pyongyang cold noodle and fishes and affording scenic views of the River Taedong.

According to Kang Pong Suk, manager of the restaurant, its round trip course were extended from July 27.

It is the lure peculiar to the restaurant to enjoy the sightseeing aboard the ship Taedonggang named after the River Taedong, a pride of Pyongyang, while taking the well-known Taedonggang Beer, she said, adding:

The guests have a glorious time, taking a bird’s-eye-view of such monumental edifices as the Tower of the Juche Idea, Okryu Restaurant and People’s Open-air Ice Rink and scenic beauties along the River Taedong like the Taedong Gate, Ryongwang Pavilion and Moran Hill during a shuttle trip between Taedonggang Bridge and Rungna Bridge.

The floating restaurant was opened in April, Juche 102 (2013) and has several dining rooms and a banquet hall with the total of 300 seats.