It has been pushed forward to breed fish on a large scale in the DPRK.

Taking the lead in it is South Hwanghae Province of which all city and county spawning stations have made the preparations for mass-producing fries after securing enough herbivorous mother fishes.

More fish farms have been built and spawning stations and fish-breeding grounds repaired or maintained to fit for ecological characteristics of fish.

All fish farms built cage-net fish-breeding grounds and loach ponds while growing good species of fries and feeding in a scientific way.

Deep attention has been paid to protecting and multiplying fries of silver carp, Ryongjong fish, Aristichythys nobilis and other fishes in natural fish-breeding areas. And facilities have been set to collect spawns of pond smelt, carp and goldfish, and fries released into natural fish-breeding areas.

Catfish culture also gins momentum in the province.