In hearty response to the New Year Address made by respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, electric power producers in different parts of the DPRK have increased production with a will to become honorable pioneer in achieving fresh victory of revolution.

The Pyongyang Thermal Power Complex generated over 2 million kWh more electric power than scheduled for the first three days of the New Year.

The Pukchang Thermal Power Complex boosts the power production everyday by taking good control of air for boilers and raising the operational rate of generators, while considerably reducing heat loss.

The Wonsan Army-People Power Station in Kangwon Province overfulfilled the New Year’s Day plan by 1.7 times and has continued to increase the power production everyday.

Hydro-power stations like Sodusu, Puryong and Orangchon power stations in North Hamgyong Province have also carried out their daily plan by 1.3 times.