North Phyongan Province in the DPRK is making significant strides towards producing high-quality finishing building materials for rural construction as part of their commitment to the planned housing construction project this year.

Officials of the province are working tirelessly to increase the production of these essential materials, using locally available raw materials while ensuring the utmost quality. To achieve this, officials are working towards securing the necessary resources to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of finishing building materials for rural housing construction.

The Sinuiju Reed Processing Factory, for instance, is actively improving the quality of reed-fibre boards while increasing its production, with a continuous upgrade of its facilities. Other building materials bases in the province are also receiving much-needed attention to ensure their production stays on track, a testament to the commitment of the officials to the welfare of the rural community.

With these efforts in place, North Phyongan Province is on course to deliver on its promises of top-quality finishing building materials for rural construction.