The pharmaceutical workteam of the Central Zoo in the DPRK is manufacturing Koryo medicines with effective ingredients extracted from animals.

The Koryo medicines are in great demand as they are helpful to the promotion of the people’s health.

Bear’s Gall Injection, Civet Uhwanghwan and Natural Muskrat Injection enjoy popularity at home and abroad for their good quality and efficacy.

Bear’s Gall Liver Pill, made of bear’s gall and extract from trunk of Maackia amurensis, is two times more effective than the pill made of only bear’s gall.

Civet Uhwanghwan, made of cattle’s horn and civet, is used as antidote or sedative.

Tiger Bone Liquor and Bear Bone Liquor are very efficient for stopping to pain and the treatment of neuralgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

Researcher Kwon O Song told KCNA that the workteam is concentrating efforts on developing new Koryo medicines suited to the world trend of medicines development.