The Ministry of Fisheries in the DPRK has directed big efforts to conserving and propagating littoral non-migratory fishes.

The ministry bans fishing in the marine resource reserves of the East Sea of Korea on the basis of correct information about the distribution of fishes and productivity in every marine zone, while speeding up the creation of conditions and environment favorable for conserving and propagating littoral non-migratory fishes like Myongthae (Alaska Pollack) and flounder.

It has also taken practical measures to put an embargo on all fishing boats during the closed season of fry catching in the West Sea of Korea.

While installing facilities at over 1 000 hectares of breeding grounds in the east and west coastal areas to revitalize the aquaculture, the ministry encourages fishery stations and offshore farms to fully ensure the habitats appropriate for breeding seafood.

And it helps fishery stations and offshore farms stock their breeding grounds with such seafood of wide demand as trepang, ark shell and short neck clam, and pushes ahead with the cultivation of tangle seedlings for summer at the Pupho Offshore Farm and the Ryonjin and Kim Chaek fishery stations.

Meanwhile, relevant units have made full preparations for building cage-net fish farms, fish ponds and indoor breeding farms as part of the efforts to develop marine fish breeding.