The Pyongyang Yonggwang Technical Development Exchange Company in the DPRK developed a composite essential oil.

According to its manager Pak Yong Bok, the composite essential oil is a natural medicine made with medicinal components of various plants, including Abies nephrolepis, by applying the traditional Koryo essential oil extracting method and the modern engineering technology.

It contains camphene, borneol, terpineol, limonene and 200-odd accessory components.

Through repeated pharmacological experiments and clinical trials, its research group proved that the essential oil is efficacious for various diseases like circulatory diseases, digestive system diseases, respiratory diseases, urinary diseases and nervous system disorders.

After using a medicine made with this essential oil in a clinical trial, an experienced doctor of a foreign country said that it is a mystic natural medicine to cure any disease.

The company is planning to develop more medicines efficacious for incurable diseases and epidemics with natural pharmaceuticals and by means of the traditional Koryo remedy manufacturing technique.