Big efforts have been paid to preventing drought damage in the co-op farms across the DPRK.

Co-op farms in South Phyongan Province make an effective use of underground water.

The Pobu Co-op Farm in Kaechon City secured water resources by digging nearly 30 wells and is drawing water into croplands.

And Unsan County built a reservoir with a capacity of several hundred cubic meters in a day.

North Phyongan Province repaired thousands of water holes and wells and built hundreds of dammed pools to irrigate a large area of croplands by sprinklers and water pumps.

Co-op farms in South Hwanghae Province are mobilizing various kinds of rolling stocks and water-supply wagons for watering croplands and those in Kaesong City dug or restored over 500 water holes and at least 700 wells and completed more than 100 dammed pools.

Based on: KCNA