A music and dance performance of the State Merited Chorus, the Moranbong Band and the Wangjaesan Art Troupe is going on before full houses at the Hamhung Grand Theatre in Hamhung of South Hamgyong Province every day.

Among the audience are workers, technicians and officials from major industrial establishments and working citizens and youth and students in the province.

The numbers of the performance include male solo and chorus “Song Dedicated to the Motherly Party”, light music and serial songs “Oh Party, It’s Thanks to Your Care”, female solo “We Call You Father”, light music “Pyongyang Is Best”, dance “Dash toward Future”, tap dance “Young Days” and orchestra and male chorus “We’ll Travel One Road Forever”.

The performers well represented the faith and will of the Korean army and people to dash toward the victory of the socialist cause under the guidance of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The performance was acclaimed by the audience.

It will continue.