Artistes of the Moranbong Band, the State Merited Chorus and the Wangjaesan Art Troupe started their music and dance performance before full houses in Wonsan City of Kangwon Province on Wednesday.

Among the audience were Pak Jong Nam, chairman of the Kangwon Provincial Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, and officials in the province and the city.

The artistes presented the freshly created songs in praise of the great era of the Workers’ Party, songs of revolutionary march.

The numbers of the performance included male solo and chorus “Song Dedicated to the Motherly Party”, which represents the Korean army and people’s deep trust and gratitude to the WPK, and light music and serial songs “Oh Party, It’s Thanks to Your Care”, female solo “We Call You Father”, light music “Pyongyang Is Best”, dance “Dash toward Future” and tap dance “Young Days”.

The performers sang loudly of the feats of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who is giving to full play the mightiness and invincibility of Juche Korea while devoting his all to realizing the desire of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Ilfor a powerful country.

There were also such numbers as male solo and chorus “Korea, Forward under the Line of Simultaneously Developing the Two Fronts”, orchestra and male chorus “We’ll Travel One Road Forever” and female chorus and male chorus “Let’s Keep the Revolutionary Faith to the Death”.

The performance won a great applause from the audience.

It will go on.