The State Merited Chorus, the Moranbong Band and the Wangjaesan Art Troupe gave a music and dance performance in North Phyongan Provincial Art Theatre on Wednesday.

Among the audience were officials, technicians and workers of major industrial establishments in the province and working people, youth and students in Sinuiju City.

Put on the stage were male solo and male chorus “Song Dedicated to the Motherly Party”, light music and serial songs “Oh Party, It’s Thanks to Your Care,” female solo “We Call You Father,” mixed chorus and male chorus “We Cannot Live without You” and other numbers.

The performers represented the people’s intense loyalty to the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Whenever the image of respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was displayed at the stage background, enthusiastic applauses burst out.

Narrative poem “Oh North Phyongan Province, Glorify the Socialist Paradise” reminded the audience of the patriotic devotion and loving care of the peerlessly great persons who brought a radical turn to the province.

Also put on the stage were male solo and male chorus “Korea, Forward under the Line of Simultaneously Developing the Two Fronts”, male chorus “Korea Does What It Is Determined to Do” and female chorus and male chorus “Let’s Keep the Revolutionary Faith to the Death”.

Numbers singing the radical turn of the province were also put on the stage.

The performance was acclaimed by the audience.

It will go on.